Is sugar the first thing you turn to when you are sad, stressed, anxious and overwhelmed? 

Are you sabotaging your health and happiness with sugar? 

Imagine feeling calm, confident, and comfortable in your clothes every day. 

The SWEET ENOUGH program will show you:

  • why you don't need willpower to stay away from sugar
  • how to feel your feelings and understand your emotions
  • steps you can take to manage your cravings
  • the most important gift to give yourself to live a life you love
Meal being cooked

Learn how to Let go of your BFF sugar and Connect with Yourself for a Lifetime of Joy and well-being


SWEET ENOUGH is a free, instant download that includes the following: 

Woman cooking lunch
Program  Guide

Information and resources to help you plan and execute your wellness journey

Mother with son baking
Suggested Meals (with recipes)

Eat food that satisfies you physically and emotionally

Couple making dinner
Food and Mood Journal

Understand the food-mood connection and how it affects your food choices

Say goodbye to sugar and hello to self-love!

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